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What are the dimensions and sizes of the storage units?
Each unit is 50 ft long, by 20 ft wide, they are full pull through bays with 14 by 14 ft doors on each side.


What options to the storage units include?
Each unit has LED lights, heaters and the interiors are fully drywalled & painted. Each unit comes equipped with two 110 volt electrical outlets.


What security measures are in place at this location?
The entire site is surrounded with a razor wired, chain linked fence. The property is only accessible through a remote activated gate and the location is equipped with 24/7 security cameras monitored by the property management company.


How does ownership of a storage unit work?
Each unit is a separate titled under the condominium plan.

What is included under the condominium plan?
Condo fees at this location include snow removal, building maintenance, building insurance, grass cutting, weeding. All managed professionally by Remax Excellence Commercial Property Management.


How do the utilities expenses work?
All units are separately metered for utilities, this includes electricity and natural gas.


What are the units build out of?
The main structure of the building is comprised of steel, all bays are drywalled and painted.

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